How to Write Lyrics

How to Write Lyrics

Come up with an interesting idea that all people feel. Listen to all the conversations around you, in bars, at work, in the emergency waiting room and in your everyday conversations.

Keep notes and use them to come up with an outline for your song. To learn how to write lyrics you need to decide on a song form, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus for instance.

The outline can be one sentence for each of the first verse, chorus, second verse, and bridge. Make the story progress to become more and more intimate as it goes. Try to make each verse give a new angle on the chorus. This is called “color the chorus”. Make the chorus have new meaning each time you hear it.

Focus on one main idea for the song and describe it in great detail when learning how to write lyrics. Narrow all things in your song down to relate only to that idea. Use other good ideas that don’t quite fit in another song.

Decide on a hook (main phrase and meaning) for your chorus. It should wrap up everything in your song. In other words every line in your song should relate directly to your hook and give it new meaning. Make sure to put long vowel sounds in your chorus and hook so the singer can hold out the notes easier.

When you write your lyric choose words that show what you mean as compared to just telling what you mean. Find new ways to say “I love you” common phrases. Turn these old cliches into new examples that demonstrate what you mean.

Be specific, be specific, be specific is the key on how to write lyrics! Don’t say a “car”, give its name and color or make. Do this for all words you use. Don’t just say it was “raining”, describe it, how it sounded, how it felt, how it tasted. Do this will all your words.

Find words (verbs, nouns, and adjectives) that are loaded with power and emotion for the listener. Use a thesaurus to find words. Use action verbs not passive verbs because they don’t cause action in your song. Keep all your lyrics in action at all times.

Brainstorm you first lyrics and don’t judge them at first, just write and come back later and edit. Get you thoughts out on paper. Organize them later. Decide on a rhyme scheme. Make the rhyme scheme different in the verses than the chorus.

Make the meter and rhyme scheme in the verses match each other so the song will be easier to sing and flow better. Keep you sentences as short as possible, cut all the unnecessary words. Focus your words on the one theme in your song when you think about how to write lyrics.

Use humor, irony, times and dates, proper names and place names whenever you can. Find ways to get them in. Listen to your inner voice when you are rewriting. Ask yourself how to write lyrics so the listener will hear what you have written. Write for the listener not yourself. Try to speak to the listener.

Find a non-family member to critique you song, if something doesn’t seem to hit the listener as you intended, consider changing it. Don’t get hung up on little things, the purpose is to communicate your ideas.

Change you song if it isn’t communicating well. Always respect how people have heard you song as compared to how you think they should hear it. How to write lyrics is the art of engaging your listeners in the story, pictures and emotions of your song.

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